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USPEC practices stringent policies that not only help maintain the sanctity and credibility of its internationally renowned examinations, but also ensure that a just, affirmative, healthy, objective, and empathetic approach is pursued for evaluating applicants' fitness for award of its prestigious credentials. Though these policies can be read in detail in the USPEC Registrant Handbook, the following are some of the most important policy areas for examinees to make note of.

Examination Reappear Policy

In the event that examinees fail their first attempt to pass their CPEP™ Certification exam, they should wait until the exam result gets published (72 hours) before retaking it.

They would be required to pay a nominal fee of USD 50 from their myUSPEC account to reappear for the exam.

Examination Reapply Policy

If an examinee voluntarily cancels the scheduled examination appointment; they can immediately reapply from the myUSPEC account dashboard by paying a nominal fee of USD 50.

Examinee Conduct Policy

USPEC has a ‘zero–tolerance’ policy for misconduct or adoption of unfair means. During examination, the test manager (proctor) has all rights to dismiss an Examinee from the exam session for any of the following reasons:

  1. Causing any disturbance during the exam session
  2. Giving or taking any assistance to or from anybody
  3. Using digital assistants, notes, books, wristwatch calculators, electronic dictionaries, or other aids/devices
  4. Using electronic devices, such as mobile phones
  5. Trying to remove any type of scratch paper during the examination
  6. Trying to mess with the computer
  7. Trying to relocate during the examination from allotted computer/system
  8. Trying to remove questions (in any format) during the examination
  9. Not obeying the directions given by the test manager (proctor) or remote-proctor
  10. Sharing the content of the exam with others

Please be informed that USPEC is authorized to take legal action against anybody who violates copyright laws such as reproducing and distributing examination content or materials. The data bank of questions, the exam form, and all exam-related materials have copyrights and are the legal property of USPEC.

Any communication – be it verbal, written, or electronic – made by an examinee which can be deemed to be against the policies of examination is strictly prohibited. Any such act will invite stringent penal action.

Examinee Appeals

a. In case of a USPEC Disciplinary Action in pre and post exam scenarios

Candidacy Reconsideration Form
Examinees seeking to dispute any USPEC action or decision against their candidacy, may download and fill up the Exam Candidacy Reconsideration Request Form and send it to info@uspec.org for initiating process and action.

b. In case of No Show

Examinees missing a scheduled exam because of emergencies, should directly contact USPEC to report matter. The following reasons for missing out on, or not showing up for a scheduled USPEC exam have been defined as acceptably genuine, and deemed as justified for grant of Retake permissions if requested:

  • If examinees themselves or any of their immediate family members meet a serious accident, or develop a sudden medical condition demanding serious attention.
  • If there is a bereavement in the family.
  • If examinees have been unfortunately affected by Covid infections, or are under quarantine, or are facing immobility due to Covid-related restrictions or disruptions.
  • If examinees are summoned by courts, or are drafted on juries, or are required for some urgent national duty.

Examinees forced to miss out on their scheduled USPEC exam for any of the above-mentioned reasons are required to contact USPEC and request for a Retake by submitting doctor’s or hospital certificates etc., as proofs of the emergency encountered.

Please note that the program package fee is non-refundable. However, if the case is not listed under our no show policy, an additional fee of USD 50 will be charged to reapply.

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