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What are the eligibility requirements for CPEP™ certification? +
How long does the CPEP™ certification process take? +
What should I do if my candidature is disapproved on eligibility grounds? +
What is the procedure used by USPEC to review applications? +
Why should I acquire CPEP™ Charter? +
What are the benefits of a CPEP™ designation? +
USPEC Resource Box
How will I receive the CPEP™ study material? +
Do I need to pay extra for study material? +
Can I buy the CPEP™ Resource Box even if I am not an applicant? +
Exams & Results
What is the format of the CPEP™ exam? +
Can I take my CPEP™ exam using my own laptop or personal computer? +
What IDs are accepted to register for my CPEP™ exam with ExamStrong™? +
What is the examination process for CPEP™? +
What is the duration of the CPEP™ exam? +
How many questions are there in the CPEP™ exam? +
Can I use electronic devices (like mobile phones, digital watches, calculators, etc.) during the examination? +
Am I allowed to take breaks during the exam? +
At what time should I reach the examination room/location? +
What are the minimum system requirements for online-proctored exams? +
How long does it take to get my CPEP™ exam results? +
What if I am not able to pass my CPEP™ exam on the first attempt? +
When will I receive my detailed exam result? +
What if I have canceled my CPEP™ exam but want to reapply for it now? +
How do I reschedule my exam? +
How soon can I schedule my exam? +
What if I miss my scheduled appointment (No Show)? +
Payments and Refunds
What are the accepted modes of payment for CPEP™ registration? +
What is the refund policy in case I wish to withdraw from the certification program? +
Can I pay my registration fees in installment? +
Digital Badging and Credentials
How does CPEP™ digital badge work? +
Do I have to pay extra for my digital badge? +
How do I share my digital badge? +
Will I get a hard-copy certificate in addition to the digital one? +
What are the benefits of the CPEP™ digital badge? +
What is the process to change my name on the certificate? +
How can I inform my employer of the successful achievement of my CPEP™ charter? +
What is the procedure for obtaining a duplicate certificate? +
Shipping & Logistics
How will my CPEP™ learning resources be shipped? +
How do I track my CPEP™ Resource Box shipment? +
What should I do if I haven't received my shipment despite receiving the shipment delivered e-mail notification? +
What if my CPEP™ Resource Box was delivered to the wrong address? +
What happens if I am not available to receive the shipment? +
Can I change my shipping/mailing address once I have paid the certification fee? +
Can I reschedule the date of delivery of my CPEP™ Resource Box? +
What can I do if I have received a damaged or wrong set of books? +
Do I have to pay any additional duties and taxes for my CPEP™ Resource Box? +

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