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The USPEC IFIS Standards for PE Practice Excellence

Entering the challenging private equity industry and prospering in it as a professional at the highest level demands two key things - one, knowing how to measure, analyze and evaluate environments, scenarios, threats and opportunities; and two, the confidence that you can take optimal decisions and make profitable, risk-weighed judgements.

The powerfully simple 3-spoke IFIS PE Standards framework as been designed to assure excellence in PE practice for professionals. It serves as the world’s most advanced of its kind yet for professionals and aspirants to build and validate along, their professional competence and readiness for the private equity industry. Becoming even more prepared for the most advanced of the PE practice contexts and environments we may have today, is essential, and the IFIS standards help do just that. The USPEC IFIS enunciates 22 areas across which USPEC divides private equity knowledge as excellence-essential for professionals engaged in the practice of PE.

Notably, USPEC is the world’s first and the only body that focuses entirely on the Private Equity mode of alternative investments category enunciating standards of professional knowledge and a rigorous exam-based mechanism for validating knowledge and capabilities of individuals working in various private equity domains, or those inclined to joining them, and then credentialing them fit for the most complex of roles in the PE profession.

Private equity learning and training in global business and specialist finance schools has reached an impressive high in the new millennium, with many of the programs even blending in a number of new aspects related to technology and digital analysis. USPEC has leveraged this rich repository of private equity related knowledge currently available in the public domain to build its rigorous IFIS PE knowledge standards that establish worldclass knowledge and skills benchmarks for individuals formally trained in finance, investment, private-equity and accounting to follow to ensure excellence in the practice of the PE profession.


Body of Knowledge

The USPEC IFIS (Industry-Firmographic-Investment Science) standards model spells out knowledge standards across these three dimensions – the knowledge spokes - for professionals who work on, or will work in assignments and roles that require them to study, design and execute investment decisions related to acquiring equity of target companies through methods other than stock markets.

All credentials of USPEC are based on exams compliant to the IFIS PE Practice Standards. The USPEC Body of PE Knowledge that defines the mechanism of credentialing for the CPEP™ program is fleshed around the IFIS PE knowledge model. Called the IFIS Body of Knowledge, this also enunciates the structure, content and policies of the USPEC exams, which can be taken anywhere at ease, even at your home or in your office.

The IFIS grid encapsulates 22 themes of critical attention and learning, split across the 3 IFIS knowledge-spokes, i.e., Industry knowledge - Firmographic knowledge - Investment Science knowledge - making it very convenient for recruiters and professionals – both - to understand the knowledge they should be looking for in PE jobs. That is exactly why, the IFIS-based credentials of USPEC become a highly effective recruitment- and mobility- decider tools for organizations. The USPEC PE Studyware – the kit for exam preparation – too, has been written in accordance to the stipulations of the IFIS Body of Knowledge. It is given free to every individual registered for a program of USPEC.

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