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We have rescheduled all examination events at USPEC partner locations and moved them to the remotely proctored ExamStrong platform. With this move, the USPEC examination is now proctored 100% online. Remote proctoring will ensure safe social-distancing and help examinees take their exam from their homes. Thank you for your patience and efforts to keep one another safe during this difficult time.

Chartered Private Equity Professional (CPEP)

The qualification that gets professionals ready for the best
of PE and VC jobs.

  • It’s Up…

    If you are in private equity, or you are planning to join it after your finance degree, you should know this.

    Deal value in America alone is expected to grow by 25% in 2021. And the year closed at around 3000 deals and USD 600 bn worth of buyouts worldwide. Assets hope to grow at a CAGR of 15-18% globally over the next 5 years.

    Private equity and VC investors need more PE professional talent to increase their deal counts, buy better and exit bigger. See the promise?

  • It’s Tough…

    Private equity is big, but being a successful professional also means being thorough and much smarter today.

    The rules of the game have changed. The challenges of high multiples, a dearth of quality target-assets, and stiff competition tower over the traditional ones like stability, regulation and access to financing.

    It will take really smart and tough private equity professionals for PE firms to battle successfully with these challenges. Are you game?

  • It’s You…

    If you are into finance or a graduating major or MBA in finance, it is a great idea to want to become the next big thing in PE.

    Refresh your foundations in finance. And add private equity knowledge and skills to your tool-kit, aligned to the new paradigms of valuing assets, analyzing business performance, and designing smart deals.

    USPEC will shape you for the world of private and venture investing. Join the Chartered Private Equity Professional (CPEP) program.


USPEC leads one of the most powerful initiative to establish and propagate standards, norms, knowledge-frameworks, studyware, benchmarks and credentials for PE firms and professionals to embrace and adopt to take their performance to the next level across the entire range of PE and VC domains.

Chartered Private Equity Professional


The CPEP program is founded on groundbreaking USPEC standards informed by comprehensive market and technical studies involving dozens of private equity and venture capital firms; leading private investors; chief investment officers, investment principals, as well as several leading investment and asset managers. That is how and why CPEP has become a powerful qualification globally covering all areas of critical comprehension and proficiency in organized private and venture investing.

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Learning Resources

Private Equity Book

The frontiers of Private Equity are rapidly expanding allowing in more disciplines. Hence, private equity professionals need to amplify their knowledge and capabilities beyond conventional asset management, investment, and accounting. They need to learn more about industry infrastructure; regulatory environment; valuation techniques and approaches; portfolio strategies; and deal design, as well as all analyses and decision-making processes critical to the private equity value chain.

In its continuous efforts to fill up a long-felt void on reliable, researched, and insightful knowledge in the private equity discipline, USPEC has made several high-quality reading and reference resources available in digital and printed formats for CPEP participants. The list includes the seminal The USPEC Handbook for Mastering Private Equity, and the companion book USPEC Private Equity Casebook, containing 19 case studies of global PE firms and their experiences.

USPEC PE Knowledge Standards

The rigorous 3-spoke USPEC IFIS knowledge standards-framework establishes world-class knowledge and skill benchmarks for individuals formally trained in finance, investment, private-equity and accounting to follow to ensure excellence in the practice of the PE profession.

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Careers in Private

Private Equity firms are an increasingly important part of the global economy and offer some of the most sought-after careers in finance that we know of. Among themselves, the top global private equity firms manage nearly $1 trillion of investment capital, directly investing in private companies; funding leveraged buyouts (LBOs), and buying partial stake in public companies.

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United States Private Equity Council (USPEC) has assigned global specialists in various areas to take care of services and convenience for its clients and customers. The global credentialing services leader Edvantic manages the entire program for a registrant and stands by every single registrant all the time to assist in providing learning material, shipping, exam-registration; exam preparation and certificate delivery.

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Private Equity is an astonishingly attractive arena for young, aspiring finance professionals looking out for challenge, growth and a global landscape for their careers. For business schools like ours, collaborations with international bodies like USPEC facilitate creation of clear pathways to the PE industry for the best of our students.

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