The United States Private Equity Council (USPEC) heralds a paradigm shift of how the PE industry should assess, value and trust competence and excellence of its analysts and managers, and build a robust pool of future-ready talents. USPEC helms the world’s most powerful initiative in decades to establish and propagate standards, norms, knowledge-frameworks, studyware, benchmarks and credentials for PE firms and professionals to embrace and adopt to take their performance to the next level.

USPEC standards and credentials are products of comprehensive market and technical studies and surveys involving more than three dozen general partners of private equity and venture capital firms; leading Private investors in PE firms; chief investment officers, investment principals, as well as several leading investment and asset managers. Not surprisingly therefore, the credentials and standards of United States Private Equity Council impact more than half a million professionals and advanced practitioners associated directly and indirectly with the Private Equity industry worldwide. These credentials are versatile and wide-bodied, designed for professionals associated with all possible domains of private equity today – including venture capital, mezzanine funds, hedge funds and LBO among other alternative funding streams.

Today, United States Private Equity Council (USPEC) leads the world in innovating models, standards, systems and practices of validating and credentialing excellence across the entire spectrum of professions in the private equity space. Our pathbreaking USPEC Standards define for finance and investment professionals all areas of critical comprehension and mastery needed for raising their level of investment expertise. USPEC certified professionals, hence, reflect proven knowledge related to PE industry infrastructure; regulatory environment; valuation techniques and approaches; portfolio strategies; accounting and reporting methods as well as all critical decision-making processes, that are applicable and practiced today by PE firms operating across a variety of industry models - from venture capital to growth equity to buyouts.

USPEC Certifications

Landing the best of Private Equity jobs, or starting out and growing right in your Private Equity career today demands assuring employers about your capabilities

Landing the best of Private Equity jobs, or starting out and growing right in your finance, asset management, investment, Private Equity and accounting career today demands assuring employers about your capabilities, promise, and potential of being a complete professional with comprehensive knowledge of the fundamentals as well as the leading-edge in your chosen Private Equity domain. In fact, even if you dream of hatching out a successful Private Equity start-up; an international Private Equity Credential doesn’t just stack you up rightly in terms of knowledge and exposure to industry, best-practices, and standards; it also helps inspire potential investors and partners.

  • Certified Private Equity Associate (CPEA)

    The CPEA Certification is ideal for undergraduate and graduate students of business and management readying for starting-off their careers in any of the domains of the rapidly expanding global PE industry.

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  • Senior Private Equity Associate (SPEA)

    Professionals working in investment management, corporate finance, risk mitigation; equity analysis, portfolio and asset management and investment analytics etc., can add a truly powerful and internationally valuable edge to their professional profile through the SPEA Certification.

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Private Equity is an astonishingly attractive arena for young, aspiring finance professionals looking out for challenge, growth and a global landscape for their careers. For business schools like ours, collaborations with international bodies like USPEC facilitate creation of clear pathways to the PE industry for the best of our students.

Lucy Ackert
Faculty of Economics, Finance and Quantitative Analysis
Coles School of Business

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USPEC PE Knowledge Standards

The rigorous 3-spoke USPEC IFIS knowledge standards-framework establishes worldclass knowledge and skills benchmarks for individuals formally trained in finance, investment, private-equity and accounting to follow to ensure excellence in the practice of the PE profession. The USPEC IFIS enunciates 22 areas in which, knowledge is deemed to be excellence-essential for professionals who are engaged in the practice of PE, or those who aspire to.

Private Equity Book

Resources & Publications

The frontiers of Private Equity are rapidly expanding to amplify the capabilities of finance, asset management, investment, Private Equity, and accounting professionals for making more direct impacts to all aspects of Private Equity - industry infrastructure; regulatory environment; valuation techniques and approaches; portfolio strategies; accounting and reporting methods; as well as all critical decision-making processes. In its continuous efforts to fill up a long-felt void on reliable, researched, and insightful knowledge in discipline, USPEC is making several high-quality reading and reference resources available in digital and printed formats for a wide variety of Private Equity stakeholders. The list most notably includes the seminal The USPEC Handbook for Practitioners, the world’s first; the only standards-based, and the most authoritative text ever written on Private Equity. Another important reference-resources is The Industry-Firmographic-Investment Science (USPEC IFIS).

If you desire to contribute to USPEC’s efforts on building up a world-class repository of knowledge on Private Equity, do write to us.