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Create competent professionals, trained and qualified on global skills standards in private equity. The USPEC partners with universities and business schools, training companies, and corporate academies of organizations to establish robust mechanisms of education and training that are of the highest quality and adhere to high standards of professional excellence in private equity. The USPEC partnership programs give you access to a wellspring of expertise in private equity professional education and training fitting to your unique environment, education objectives, and learning needs.

Uspec Private Equity Partnership

USPEC - Recognized Universities & Institutions

Universities and Business Schools

Get your graduates job-ready by creating a direct path to globally recognized CPEP™ certification.

Increase your credibility and revenue opportunity by offering the most in-demand Private equity certification. Ensure learners develop the knowledge and skills the private equity industry needs most in 2022 and beyond.

USPEC affiliation helps business and finance schools enhance rigor in the teaching-learning process and align the curricula to global standards. Associating with USPEC as academic partners empowers institutions with a streamlined system of getting their finance students CPEP™ qualified conveniently and cost-effectively. Besides arranging for an in-campus USPEC exam center for the partner-institution exclusively for its students, USPEC lends complete support in embedding CPEP™ in the regular academic curricula and provides learning material to all students registered for the program.

USPEC Universities & Business Schools Partnership Programme
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USPEC Training Partner Program

Training Companies

Empower your team to gain advanced business capabilities by aligning training to skill gaps in private equity.

Advance private equity business capabilities to drive professional development by offering the most in-demand Private equity certification. Designed to ensure professionals develop the knowledge and skills the private equity industry needs in 2022 and beyond.

Finance training companies can value-add CPEP™ to their current programs conveniently and affordably by becoming the USPEC education provider partner. Companies not having a PE training product can viably and quickly start private equity training with CPEP™ training. USPEC provides expert assistance to partner training companies in developing CPEP™-featured new PE training products and also in embedding CPEP™ in the curricula of their existing training programs. In addition, USPEC offers teaching and learning material for trainers and learners.

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Corporate Learning Partnerships

Help your employees pursue industry-relevant certifications, take on added responsibilities, and advance their careers.

Prepare your employees to learn new skills and stay current in the industry by offering them the most relevant private equity certification. CPEP™ certification is designed to ensure employees develop the new skills and knowledge the industry needs.

USPEC specializes in continuing education for working professionals through the corporate learning partnership program. Associating with USPEC as a corporate learning partner empowers the corporation and organization with a streamlined process in getting their employees CPEP™ certified. USPEC enables its partners to develop leaders, focus employee skills, enter new markets, and demonstrate competence in specific roles to effectively support clients. USPEC lends complete support in offering learning materials and certification processes for employees.

USPEC Corporate Partnership Program
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Organizations where CPEP Certified
Professionals Work

  • Aleyo Capital
  • Apex
  • Boston Consulting Group
  • Cognizant
  • DXC Technology
  • Mckinsey and Company
  • Salaam Group
  • Standard Chartered
  • ZB Capital
  • BNP Paribas
  • Morgan Stanley
  • Plus Capital
  • Raiffeisen Bank Capital
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Experience the Benefits and Perks

Bring a new set of values, resources, and competencies by partnering with USPEC.

  • 01.Establish your university’s/school’s/organization’s credibility
  • 02.Enable your students/professionals to achieve the industry-recognized and stackable qualification
  • 03.Get the latest in-demand curricula in the private equity domain
  • 04.Deliver the most relevant educational training, experience, and qualification

Join and Grow with USPEC

Empower your students and professionals with the knowledge and skills to stay ahead in the race! Help them deliver successful and innovative solutions in the private equity industry.

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