Decoding Blackstone’s Business Strategy

Blackstone has always managed to pull the strings in the business world. Thanks to its impressive business record that shows the returns that it claims. When compared to other equity firms, Blackstone has always had an upper hand, be its real estate funds, credit funds, or even assets under management for that matter.

But, what’s the code behind such a successful business streak? It started the venture in 1985 with $400,000 and currently rakes $361 billion in its account. So, here are the strategies that Blackstone has cashed in on

Blackstone’s Real Estate business has been its numero uno money spinner for a long time now. When the market plunged in 1985, it was Blackstone who put their corporate ideas on the table and bought building in Arkansas and Texas at rock bottom prices, which makes them stand today with 117,000 multifamily units and 144 million square feet of corporate space globally, adding to its other similar, high profile assets.

Another deal that sky rocketed Blackstone’s business was the purchase of its commercial real estate portfolio from GE electrical at $14 billion. Blackstone continues to add more and more of real estate to its business venture, and it has now been listed in the market with an IPO priced at $31 only, which in a single year has yield them $4.1 billion.

Indeed, Blackstone’s business strategy is one worth studying and observing. Not to mention, it’s more about taking the right decisions at the right time.


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