USPEC Private Equity Credentials

The USPEC private equity credentials are rapidly earning the preferred qualification status within the private equity community, and being increasingly recommended for finance, accounting and investment professionals who desire to get into this hot and happening industry.

Founded on the global USPEC EFIS standards, Release 16-1.3, the CPEA and the SPEA are the world’s most rigorously-validated evidences of how well professionals working the PE space, and even those applying for PE jobs actually comprehend and apply principles, models and frameworks of valuation, portfolio-investing, hedging, debt-management and value-creation across a spectrum of roles and jobs in the private equity industry. These USPEC credentials lend a decisive long-term career-edge to finance, accounting and investment professionals around the world by assuring employers that the professionals certified on USPEC IFIS standards possess a mature and complete understanding of all aspects of private equity – technical; managerial, market, infrastructure; networking and control.

Why the USPEC Credentialed are Thoroughbred PE Professionals

The USPEC credentialed are valued partly because they’ve truly earned it after qualifying what is easily the most rigorous of the credentialing and exam processes around in the private equity space anywhere in the world. These exams are designed on the world’s first and only body of PE knowledge derived from the international USPEC EFIS knowledge standards for the new private equity profession. But perhaps what explains this growing respect for USPEC and the USPEC certified professionals is the awesome width of learning and perspective-building that happens to USPEC registrants during their preparation for the CPEA or SPEA exams.

From the experienced- and informed perspective of chief investment officers, principal partners, fund managers and investment principals who hire talents for a breadth of roles in their PE firms, the USPEC certified professionals appear ready to hit the ground running because of the following key things that they know about or can do:

  • 01 Understand, map and measure market cycles, and evaluate their impacts on planned investments or on potential assets or on assets already invested in
  • 02 Capabilities for smartly smelling, analyzing and assess opportunities in distressed and/or emerging industries and build a body of insights quickly enough for the top management
  • 03 Knowing and examining how current earnings, risk, and organizational change together influence and impact deal source, valuation, and portfolio mix
  • 04Developing sharp, insightful and complete business cases for top management of PE firms to help them make better investment decisions
  • 05Understanding of factors, techniques and frameworks that can help move quickly on the deals on the tray and choose the best among them
  • 06Knowing how to monitoring the performance and progress of portfolio companies and choose appropriate strategies for maximizing investments or exiting at the right time
  • 07Knowledge of methods and drivers of negotiating with confidence and emerge winning with the best terms
  • 08Understanding the methods, strategy frameworks and best-practices for successfully scaling up PE operations through managing deals and integrating operations across multiple locations
  • 09Deep, formal exposure to frameworks of regulation-compliant, ethics-backed best practices for deciding on investments, top-ups, sell-outs and exits almost across all regions of the world
  • 10Expanding professional network by building strong relationships with other experienced industry leaders

The USPEC certified professionals are respected for bringing to the table a truly well-rounded package of professional skills, knowledge, exposure and industry etiquette.

The Stunning USPEC Credential Packs and Digital Badges!

All individuals who pass the exams and pre-requisites for USPEC CPEA™ and SPEA™ Certifications are awarded their certificates in exclusively designed credential cases. These cases contain printed certificates, designation pins, and copies of the Code of Ethics booklets – designed to forever make you feel proud of holding a well-earned USPEC Credential. What more to add to it, than digital badges! USPEC Credentials come digitally-badged, just as the qualifications and certifications of most other great institutions do. Ensuring you can spread a word out about your achievement swift on the internet, and showcase your USPEC Credential on your digital profiles everywhere – all in real time, simultaneously, anywhere, anytime! It's a spanking new way to learn toward, earn, and brandish the special in you. USPEC joins the select few institutions including a few ivy-league ones who are now on a digital badging platform.