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Platinum Equity
USPEC Top Private Equity Firms 2020

Platinum Equity

Founded in 1995, Platinum Equity positions itself as an M&A&O firm, combining traditional M&A with expertise in operations. It leverages its in-house resources and flexible acquisition solutions in handling companies providing products, services, and solutions that are mission-critical in diverse industries. The firm is headquartered in Los Angeles, California, and it has offices in Boston, Greenwich, New York, London, and Singapore.

Platinum Equity helps sellers achieve their divestiture objectives by well-structured solutions. Since commencing operations, the firm has crossed 300 acquisitions across several market sectors, and each portfolio company is operated independently. Its sellers are typically looking to offload non-core assets, maximize shareholder value, or looking for capital and operational support.

  • Total AUM: USD 23 billion
  • Headquarters: Beverly Hills, United States

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