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Warburg Pincus
USPEC Top Private Equity Firms 2020

Warburg Pincus LLC

Focused solely on private equity, Warburg Pincus has a record of over 50 years of growth investing. The firm has deep industry expertise in Consumer, Financial Services, Healthcare, Energy, Real Estate, Technology, and Industrial & Business Services.

Founded in 1966 by Eric Warburg and Lionel Pincus, Warburg Pincus LLC has invested in over 930 companies since its inception. The firm has a strong global presence with 12 offices across 10 countries and has significant exposure to China. It has raised around 19 private equity funds invested in retail, energy, financial services, healthcare, technology, and media, among other industries.

  • Total AUM: USD 60+ billion
  • Headquarters: New York City, United States

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