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Insight Partners
USPEC Top Private Equity Firms 2020

Insight Partners

Insight Partners was established with a focus on software as a game-changing industry. Since its inception, it has made more than USD 30 billion of capital commitments, 200 portfolio-led acquisitions, 400 primary investments, and 100 strategic exits. Its partner companies have had a transformative effect on several industries, changing how business is done and people live their lives.

To help its portfolio companies in capturing value and generating long-term business success, Insight Partners relies on a three-pronged strategy: focus, scale, and experience. The firm provides capital, operational guidance, and a large network that companies can leverage to grow in the long term. For more than 25 years, the firm has worked on scaling up operations of target companies – from initial viability of operations to exponential growth and success.

  • Total AUM: USD 30 billion
  • Headquarters: New York, United States

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