Private Equity Industry Bounces Back

Private Equity Industry Bounces Back

Feb 06, 2021 | Editorial Team

A Look Back at 2020 & the Path Forward to 2021

The year 2020 was filled with tumultuous events and uncertainty. Despite the serious challenges, the private equity industry proved that it can roll on successfully. The PE industry fared amid the global pandemic, economic downturn, and other pressures.

Social distancing, restricted travels, and quarantine measures have compelled the team to reimagine the elements of the deal process, due diligence, business models, and many other routines. Those who can respond with agility and innovation can win long-term rewards by accelerating growth.

Private equity houses are seeing opportunities amid distressed debt, special situations, and rapid advancement of digitization. They are drawn toward tech-enabled businesses that can sustain growth during any kind of disruption either in current or future times. Many deals are being explored and closed in industry verticals such as food-tech, e-commerce, pharmaceuticals, and online education.

USPEC discusses how the PE industry witnessed speedy recovery, their secret to resilience, and compiles the 2021 PE outlook here.

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